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Meet the PANBlast leadership team

PANBlast, a division of PAN, serves emerging and high-growth brands spanning the B2B SaaS technology sector. With nearly 20 years of success, we are bullish on the B2B tech market and see tremendous opportunity for continued growth. Armed with a deep understanding of the unique challenges in scaling a SaaS business, our culture pushes you to find new ways to tell your story, impacting today’s buying decision makers. Like you, we wake up every day obsessed with moving your business forward and promise that no agency partner will work harder than we do. When you win, we win. 

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Mendy Werne

Managing Director of PANBlast
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Lindsey Groepper

EVP of Business Development & Marketing
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Kimberly Jefferson

SVP Client Relations of PANBlast
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Grace Williams

VP Client Relations of PANBlast
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Kelsey Sowder

Director, PR
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Jake Doll

Director, PR
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Kate Johnson, MBA

Director, PR
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Zach Weismiller

Director, PR

Meet the PAN C-Suite

PAN is a global brand-to-demand agency, forged from PR. For nearly 30 years, the agency has helped B2B tech and healthcare clients turn opportunity into possibility. From emerging growth to mid-stage to the big stage, we represent B2B brands at all stages of their growth journeys across the U.S. and globally.

Meet Our PAN Team
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Darlene Doyle

Chief Client Officer
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Elizabeth Famiglietti

Chief People & Culture Officer
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Megan Kessler

Chief of Integrated
 Marketing & Strategy 
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Mark Nardone

Chief Marketing Officer
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Philip A. Nardone, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer
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Gary Torpey

Chief Financial Officer

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