Whether you are looking to create a category or increase your awareness in a new vertical, PANBlast will get you where you want to go.

With the right partner, anything is possible

PANBlast services emerging and high-growth SaaS brands across a variety of verticals. Learn more about how we’re driving impact for industry-leading SaaS brands.

CEO elevation: thought leadership campaign

Authenticx is the new standard in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, using AI and ML to identify customer pain points by collecting and analyzing millions of customer conversations every month and generating actionable insights from the data.

Navigating the silicon valley bank collapse

On March 10, 2023, regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) following a bank run driven by fear of the bank’s insolvency. The collapse of SVB sent shockwaves through the tech industry, as SVB was a major lender to startups and venture capital firms.

Amplifying HR leaders to promote, retain, and attract employees

Formstack is a workplace productivity platform that empowers anyone to digitize what matters, automate workflows and fix processes without code. The company works with brands like Netflix, Twitter and NHL.

The importance of media training when entering a new category

As notable experts, thought leaders offer their expertise and insights to others via social media, speaking engagements and media interviews.

Trade PR drives inbound leads

Vibenomics is a leading Audio Out-of-Home™ (AOOH) advertising provider for retailers, including grocery brands like Hy-Vee and Kroger.

Newsjacking: Litmus

Litmus is a leading email marketing platform for enterprise customers like Ford Motor Company, Target and JP Morgan. The company looked to PANBlast to help position the organization and its spokespeople as thought leaders and experts on personalization and email marketing. 

Data campaign: Pattern89

Pattern89, a marketing AI platform to predict creative performance, charged PANBlast with developing a media relations strategy to increase awareness of the company as a leading voice in marketing automation.

Category separation: Phenom

Phenom is a leading talent experience management (TXM) solution that helps organizations attract, engage and retain top talent. The scaling SaaS company chose PANBlast after a robust agency review, as it needed to raise its profile with HR-buyer communities and increase awareness of its AI capabilities and expertise in a crowded HR-tech industry. 

PR supports VC fund launch

PANBlast generates awareness for the first venture capital firm in Indiana dedicated to investing in Black, Latinx, women and LGBTQ+-led startups.

Thought leadership content builds authority

PANBlast inserted Cheetah Digital as a thought leader in trend conversations to position them as an authority.

Stages of growth into a new vertical market

Ontario Systems launched into the government sector with BLASTmedia’s support, which was the company’s first new vertical market.

PR’s role in series A to acquisition

PANBlast began working with Scout RFP in 2016, as Series-A startup working out of its first San Francisco office. PANBlast focused on securing prospect-facing press to help meet customer-acquisition goals.

Increasing industry share of voice

After one year of partnering with PANBlast, 6sense owned share of voice for the first time compared to its competitive set — closing the gap by 30 percentage points.

Promoting brand campaign leads to direct ROI

PANBlast promoted Smartling’s brand campaign, helping increase sales including language services by 60%.

Securing top-tier media for C-level influence

Leveraging a client’s customer story, PANBlast secured coverage in the Wall Street Journal to help Moogsoft position its AIOps platform.

AI technology product launch

Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI), developer of the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system, called on PANBlast to help launch the company’s latest proprietary machine-learning technology, known as Conductor.