3 Ways to Engage with Media Coverage on Social Media

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Author: Jaclyn Pullen
Jaclyn Pullen
Engaging and Maximizing Media Coverage

Media coverage is great, but what do you do after the piece runs? Rather than a one-and-done post, your coverage can get extra boosts of life and reach new prospects thanks to social media. And the number one resource to help you do that is hiding under your nose.

Employees can be some of your biggest supporters when it comes to maximizing media coverage. Encouraging employees to engage with coverage on their social media networks can boost a piece’s potential reach and increase brand awareness. Here are three ways employees can engage with coverage on social media:

Retweet and repost

Employees can retweet, post or share coverage or promotion they see on their own social media channels. Sharing this coverage, especially from the company, the outlet or the editor themselves, can drive engagement back to the original post. Additionally, engagement from employees can provide the opportunity for other targeted professionals to view and engage with coverage. 

For example, Breezy HR had some great coverage on AiThority.com in which the outlet tweeted the article. Not only did Breezy HR retweet and comment on this original coverage tweet with their own official company Twitter, reaching more than 10,000 followers, but one employee was also able to engage with this coverage by retweeting and commenting on the original post to their own 2,000+ followers. Ultimately, it garnered an additional 12,000 views by professionals who may not have seen the initial article.

Company profiles are necessary, too

Corporate social media accounts are another great tool for engaging with and maximizing media coverage on channels like Twitter or Facebook. Liking, commenting or posting media coverage on these channels shares media coverage with employees when it goes live while also providing a post to engage with both the company and coverage. 

Coverage shared on company profiles helps drive the company’s brand awareness. Utilizing online profiles to promote articles and features associates features, quotes or mentions with the company to show it as an industry leader and its thought leaders as subject matter experts. It also lets users engage with the initial coverage or participate in online discussions. 

Social media enables industry professionals to engage with not only coverage but also directly with a company’s subject matter expert. For example, if a company shares a piece of coverage on its official profile and tags a thought leader in the post, users can comment directly on the post and ask the thought leader follow-up questions or share their own opinions. 

LinkedIn is the secret weapon 

LinkedIn’s “Mentioned in the News” section is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to engaging with coverage on social media. This section is an automated feature on LinkedIn that reviews articles and matches them to LinkedIn members to boost coverage. Encouraging employees to like or comment on these posts with their peers puts that initial article onto social media feeds of those who otherwise might not see the initial coverage. 

Asking employees to promote and leverage coverage on social media is just one way to get the most out of each piece of coverage while also encouraging engagement and support for the company or thought leader along the way. By using employee engagement on social media, companies can extend the value and visibility of published articles reaching professionals in all aspects of businesses. 

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