5 Awards B2B SaaS Companies Can Use to Showcase Company Culture

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B2B SaaS company culture

The best SaaS companies are redefining what it means to be a top workplace by showing that they invest in their people. Awards opportunities focused on company culture can help showcase those efforts. 

Winning a company culture award can help SaaS companies differentiate themselves from others in the market — both when it comes to hiring new talent and engaging current employees.

Awards focused on company culture can help attract talent researching a new place to work. Being acknowledged for your culture also helps elevate fears hires potentially have about the company. When companies are recognized with company culture awards, it attracts better job candidates.  

Awards that highlight your company culture can also help with retention. Depending on the award, the application process can allow employees, who might not otherwise have the chance, to share their experience. The application process can also sometimes provide new hires the opportunity to learn more about your company. When SaaS companies win culture-focused awards, it gives your organization something to celebrate. These types of awards can contribute to a sense of pride and can even provide a morale boost.  

Interested in using your company’s award program to support recruiting and retention efforts? Here’s a look at a few company culture awards we recommend considering.

1. Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators – Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators celebrates company cultures that empower employees at all levels to improve processes, create new products, or invent new ways of doing business. This award is an international award that is open to companies worldwide. The deadline is fastly approaching! To be considered for this award, you must complete all requirements by February 26, 2021.

2. Top Workplaces – Top Workplaces includes a number of national award programs including culture excellence awards. Top Workplaces is associated with 50+ media outlets — including The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News and Chicago Tribune — that receive advance access to the list of winners for a chance to publish the lists in print and online.

3. Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For – Conducted by Great Place to Work, the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list provide companies around the world with the opportunity to be recognized as a great company to work for. This award is open to companies located within the U.S. with at least ten part-time/full-time employees. Applications for this award are not yet available for 2020, but the submission deadline is typically in the fall. We recommend checking the website in June for updates. 

4. Inc. Best Workplaces Award – The Inc. Best Workplaces Award celebrates companies who love what they do, whether that be in an office or remote location. In order to be considered for Inc. Best Workplace, you must be located in the U.S. with at least ten employees, and have been in business for at least two years. The award submission period is closed for 2021, but expect to see this award re-open in December 2021 for the next calendar year.

5. Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards – Powderkeg’s Tech Culture Awards provide SaaS companies worldwide the opportunity to share what makes their culture unique, earn national recognition and attract even more top talent. Applications for this award are not yet available, but the submission deadline is typically in the fall. 

Interested in building an award program to support your hiring and talent retention efforts? Contact Lindsey Groepper to learn more about BLASTmedia’s award services.