Drop the Mic: It’s Time to Elevate Your Thought Leadership with Podcasts

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Author: Zach Weismiller
Zach Weismiller
Drop the Mic graphic
Drop the Mic graphic

Thought leadership is a way for B2B SaaS executives to establish their brand authority and showcase their expertise in a field. And, most SaaS communicators know by now it requires more than a CEO posting on the brand blog or including a quote in a press release to stand out. There are many tactics to enhance the profiles of thought leaders, including unique commentary on breaking or competitor news, contributed content, speaking opportunities and social media. 

True thought leadership offers a platform to share fresh or bold industry perspectives or provide valuable advice to leaders in similar situations, across mediums. 

Among these mediums, podcasts are a key part of your company’s digital PR strategy. While most SaaS marketing leaders are no strangers to podcasts (either as listeners or hosting one of their own,) they may not realize the weight podcasts hold as a thought-leadership platform. 

Here are three reasons why you should incorporate them into your thought leadership strategy:

Jumping on the Podcast Bandwagon

According to Edison Research, 1 in 3 people listen to podcasts monthly. Roughly 108 million Americans regularly consume content through new or recurring shows. Yeah, that’s a lot of people. And they tune in for various reasons, like staying informed about current events, expanding their knowledge base, or avoiding the mundaneness of commuting to work or mowing the lawn.   

Unlike traditional forms of media, podcasts also foster a sense of community among listeners, giving them direct access to the thoughts of industry leaders in their own voices. Many B2B companies are leveraging this approach to reach new audiences or convey positioning on trends impacting their business. 

Accessing a Highly-Targeted Audience 

With podcasts, small numbers can still yield big impact. Podcast listeners are super engaged and eager to learn about their industry – they aren’t just skimming a headline. Even if the listenership is low, the audience is opting in to an episode and interested in consuming the content being presented. 

Moreover, podcasts give brands ample opportunity to break into new fields or verticals. For example, LogicGate, a risk and compliance solution, recently launched new capabilities for audit teams. To better engage with that specific audience, its Security Compliance Manager joined The Audit Podcast to discuss the role compliance plays in addressing issues impacting auditors. 

If your team is targeting more than one title or industry— or trying to engage brand new audiences — it’s important to have thought leaders on deck and ready to contribute.

A Lighter Lift

On the PR side of the house, securing podcast interviews often takes less execute than other earned media activities. When compared to ghostwriting a long-form content piece, collecting all the pieces for an award submission or communicating with a client customer for a case study, a podcast interview strategy can be added to the PR mix without taking up significant team resources. 

Podcasts have become a part of the modern PR mix and present a new way for a brand to interact with its audience. Brands can build and diversify their thought leadership presence, while listeners obtain the industry-specific insights they’re actually looking for. Leveraging podcasts to drive your business goals, such as engagement, thought leader visibility and market validation, will help set your digital PR strategies apart from the rest. 

But don’t just take my word for it. If you’re interested in adding podcasts to your PR mix, contact Lindsey Groepper – host of the SaaS Half Full Podcast – and see how PANBlast can help!