Preparing For an IPO: PR Milestones

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Author: Lydia Beechler
Lydia Beechler
preparing for an IPO communication strategy

Going public is a momentous occasion for a SaaS company — and equally so in the world of SaaS PR. But before you can celebrate, there’s a lot that goes into preparing for an IPO. 

Whether you’re IPOing via SPAC or a more traditional route, this is a critical time to align your team on all fronts and build the momentum you need to make the move successfully. And when it comes to an IPO communications strategy, you can never start too soon.

Here are a few key IPO comms milestones to note:


It’s never too early to lay out an IPO communication strategy when you’re thinking about going public. At least six months before you file your S1, your PR team should focus heavily on garnering a well-rounded coverage mix inclusive of company news, industry thought leadership, feature articles and more. Public relations can support the factors that contribute to the perception of IPO readiness and this mix will add credibility when you officially IPO and people start Googling your SaaS company’s name more often.

S1 Filing

Your S1 filing marks the start of your quiet period. The quiet period ranges from your S1 filing date until 40 days after your IPO and is designed to avoid any positive press or commentary that could influence your company’s stock price. During this time, you’ll also be conducting your roadshow where you court investors in hopes of getting them to buy your stock. Because maintaining a normal course of business and communication is possible during a quiet period — more on that next week — this is the perfect time for the foundation you built pre-quiet period to shine.


Once your quiet period ends, it’s time to leverage your IPO to your advantage. It’s fresh and exciting so people will likely want to talk about it. One great way to get the most out of your post-IPO media coverage is to tie your IPO to an industry trend to give reporters something bigger to latch onto. For example, have there been other IPOs in your space recently that could point to new market growth? Attach yourself to show you’re a market leader.

Outside of the many administrative activities you’ll partake in as you’re preparing for an IPO, your communications strategy could be one of the most critical preparations you make. Want to know more about PR and your IPO? Keep an eye out for new blogs on the topic every week! 

Want to further discuss how to prepare a PR strategy to support your SaaS company’s IPO? Contact our SaaS PR team to learn more.