When To Set a PR Strategy Announcing the Acquisition of a Company

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Author: Lydia Beechler
Lydia Beechler
When To Set a PR Strategy Announcing the Acquisition of a Company by Lydia Beechler

After hitting a low in 2022, software mergers and acquisitions are bouncing back. This year, we’ve seen several clients announce acquisitions, including 1WorldSync’s acquisition of atrify GmbH and ArisGlobal’s acquisition of SPORIFY

We know acquisitions take a lot of work, from courting potential prospects to deliberating with your team to, ultimately, making the final decision to make the acquisition! 

However, while there are a lot of moving parts to an acquisition, it’s essential to form a SaaS PR strategy that will help your company amplify the news of the acquisition to all of your stakeholders — from securing coverage in industry-focused publications that speak to your customers and prospects, to grabbing mentions in M&A-focused outlets that potential investors might read.

To ensure this announcement goes off without a hitch, here’s when — and why — to tell your PR firm about the companies you’re acquiring.

When and why should I tell my PR team about a potential acquisition?

The short answer is “as soon as you know.” After all, there’s no such thing as too much prep time. The good news is that you likely have an NDA with your PR firm, so giving them an early heads up — sometimes even when you just hear whispers of a potential deal — will set them up for success.

The acquisition process can move quickly after the deal is solidified, and you don’t want your PR team left in the dust. Even before you have all the details, your PR team can begin devising an announcement strategy, drafting a press release outline, and identifying potential media targets — all things they’ll build upon once the details are finalized. If you wait too long to tell them, you risk rushing the strategy and outreach process. And there’s nothing worse than losing out on coverage because you didn’t give the media enough time to care — or your PR team enough time to think about why reporters should care.

For example, our team was flagged for a potential acquisition at the end of May. Immediately, we jumped on calls with the company executives to talk about the “why” behind the acquisition and gain some insight into what it meant for the market. Armed with this information, we prepared a press release outline and FAQ document and discussed an announcement strategy. 

Nearly a month and a half later, we were ready for the big day in July. Because we had time to prepare a strategy, assets and talk tracks, we could focus entirely on pitching the big news to the right reporters — with enough time for them to write a story. It resulted in 20+ hits during announcement week on target industry and financial trade outlets, alongside a feature in the Wall Street Journal.

Plan your SaaS PR strategy early

When a company acquires another company, it’s something people should know about! As your acquisition approaches, remember your PR strategy to ensure your big news gets to the right people with the right message.

Have an acquisition announcement coming up and need help forming your SaaS PR strategy? To learn more, contact PANBlast President Lindsey Groepper.